Chief Development Officer:
Bellevue Boys & Girls Club

Business Advisor/Consultant:

People for Innovation

Michèle Heffron, an accomplished maven of life with over 30 years of experience in business and resource development, sales, marketing, and communications. Michèle is a respected leader and community contributor and has been involved in industries ranging from nonprofit, media, fashion, real estate and theater.

Jenni Flinders, a global business warrior, conquering the IT industry for nearly three decades, recognized consecutively as “Top 50 most influential” and “Top 100 most powerful” women in the IT channel. Partners with clients to increase their reach in the market and helps put “strategic planning” into practice. People capability is her passion. 

Clients and Partners

Board Member:
Bellevue Boys & Girls Club
Tateuchi Center
People for Innovation
le Pont vers la Vie Académie
Ellie Rose Foundation

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Jenni Flinders

people for innovation maximizes business opportunity enabling greater overall success. Our team of experts builds comprehensive plans for our customers, enabling dynamic organizational agility to respond quickly to their shifting customer demands and recognizing the opportunities at hand. Together we help our clients create partnerships to scale strategically, maximizing their bottom line. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, developing and nurturing a culture that will attract and retain diverse talent enables businesses beyond what was previously thought possible. A diverse and inclusive business strategy will foster innovative thinking and exceptional execution.